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In addition, the abrupt change in the graph at It would make more sense for the changes to be gradual and monotonic, like the gradual increase and decline of the Sun in Nature.

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At the North and South Poles, the Topocentric Pole of the Ascendant should reflect its extreme, just as its value at the Equator already reflects its minimum. Since the extreme of what we observe in Nature is at the Poles, the maximum zodiacal range of the Ascendant should also occur at the Poles. Figure 3 depicts a simple modification of the Topocentric House System. Instead ofcalculating the Ascendant as the intersection of the Horizon and Ecliptic atall latitudes the straight line, which fails , and instead of abruptlychanging our definition of the Ascendant at The formula is quite simple and is given below.

This means that, at the North Pole, the Ascendant is defined as theintersection of the Horizon at Exactly at the North or South Pole, and nowhere else, the Pole of the Ascendantis undefined for one instant per day.

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  • This simple modification in the calculation of the Topocentric Ascendant meets our criteria for a house system that works for all latitudes: 1 It is defined for all latitudes, just as a day exists for all latitudes, whether the Sun rises or sets or not, whether the Horizon intersects the Ecliptic or not, and whether any particular degrees of the zodiac rise that day or not. It reflects the fact that there is a hour day in which we arise and retire, with or without sunshine or a well-behaved traditionally-defined Ascendant.

    It reflects that fact that we see half of the horizon at a time, wherever we are. It reflects the fact that the rising and setting of the Sun and planets happen more gradually at polar latitudes, and thus we might experience them slightly differently. And it reflects the fact that human life indeed exists and thrives in polar regions. Although you may have never heard of the Porphyry House System, your computer program is probably using it for Arctic latitudes if you select Placidus, Koch, or several others that are undefined at polar latitudes.

    Here are some comparisons:. Notice how close the house cusps are— only a few minutes of arc in most cases. Astrologers can quickly recognize that this Ascendant makes more sense, considering her earthy,voluptuous sensuality. The traditional Ascendant lacks major aspects and places eight planets well into the 12th house, which is inconsistent with her prominent dancing career focusing on the physical body. Had she been born further north in Kiruna, Sweden, Placidus, Koch and others could not even construct a chart that is readable.

    With this new house system, you can now calculate charts for Arctic latitudes, at all times of day and year, and see horoscopes that you can actually interpret. The proof is in the results! Try it out, and include a few horoscopes for events in arctic regions—which you can finally calculate rather than be left empty-handed. The formula and technical details are included below so that all astrology programs can easily add this new house system. The adjustment is so simple that it requires only two lines of code for a program that already has Topocentric house system as an option.

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    The first test of a house system is natal or event interpretation. We can test and utilize predictive methods only after we have a house system that we can trust because a large number of astrologers find it to consistently yield accurate natal interpretations. And, of course, because it can be used for events anywhere on our beloved Earth.

    Meanwhile, if you are approached by an oil executive for advice on when and where to drill for oil in Siberia, you can now take up the challenge! The method of calculating house cusps for Topocentric house system remains unchanged. The pole is the latitude for calculating the Ascendant using a normal Table of Ascendants such as Placidus. Intermediatecusps in the Topocentric House System are calculated from a normal Table ofHouses by simply finding the Ascendant at the pole, at the time listed for thehouse. For example, for a birth at Sidereal Time 3.

    Then the 11th house cusp is theAscendant at 23h, These calculations yield:. For an event at polar latitudes, simply follow the same procedure using the above table or formulas. For a birth at 3h S. Data Requested: Now that there is a house system that can actually construct charts for polar latitudes, data is needed for research purposes.

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    Anyone who might be able to help gather birth data is graciously invited to contact the author by e-mail listed below. Fluency in Russian would be especially valuable since Murmansk, Russia, should be a good source. Data for people who are alive and willing to answer questions is preferred. Data for birth twins, born anywhere, is also requested.

    Constructing a house system for all latitudes that uses the traditional Ascendant and Midheaven, which have been found empirically to be significant, is not a simple matter. Experiment is the ultimate test.


    The Topocentric House System works well, is one of the few for which polar horoscopes are possible, and its empirical success at lower latitudes inspired—nay, necessitated—the present work. Notice that the formula proposed for the Topocentric Pole of the Ascendant would also work if the Earth were inclined at other angles.

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    Day-for-a-year predictive techniques in any house system,including the common Solar progression, seem to be useful in some non-polarcases, but fail completely in other cases. It is a powerful tool for personal growth. Any later reading is only 1-hour long. It includes a copy of your birth charts and diagrams Word which I e-mail to you after your appointment, as well as an audio recording mp3 for your records. This reading helps understand the role a relationship plays in your personal journey, how can you build relationships based on strengths and what events are possible in the relationship.

    Synastry can be done for couples, family members, business partners and coworkers, etc. It includes a copy of your birth charts and diagrams, synastry chart, Word which I e-mail to you after your appointment, as well as an audio recording mp3 for your records.

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    Transits and Progressions indicates when are your birth chart aspects active, in other words, when the events indicated in your birth chart can happen. The Transit Report includes a list and description of the aspect s in question with one or various table charts Word showing times and dates of when is it favorable or not to take action on a specific situation.

    This report follows an astrological consultation. The Solar Return reveals which aspects are active for one year from birthday to birthday and how you can plan ahead accordingly. It includes a copy of your Solar Return chart and a list of the active aspects for the year with their descriptions and charts showing times and dates of when is it favorable or not to take action on specific situations Word.

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    If you want to activate the best of your birth chart, you should do a Solar Revolution. After calculating your Solar Return at the place you plan to be, a Solar Revolution calculation can locate the place on Earth where you should be on your birthday. It is recommended to do a Solar Revolution appointment several months before your birthday so you can plan your trip.