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I have been practicing Vedic Astrology since and at the time of this writing, I have done over 11, charts. Basically one has to read the ancient texts on Vedic Astrology. These are available to everyone. After that do lots of charts, meditate to improve your consciousness, and keep in your heart that you want to help people. The thing about Vedic Astrology is that either you are right or you are not and success builds from there.

I have been given several awards by the India Council of Astrological Sciences, headed by the late Dr. Raman, India's most famous astrologer. I have also developed a planetary almanac for Vedic Astrologers. I have appeared on television in the US, Europe and India and have written books and numerous articles on Vedic Astrology. Outside the field of Vedic Astrology, I worked as a management consultant for the Aerospace industry. As a result, I have been fortunate to have been given a lot of training and have done many projects related to business process re-engineering, performance measurement, and team building.

Much of what I have learned in my business career is readily transferable to my astrology practice. Churchill saw Hitler as an industrial export competitor who was eating his lunch and wanted him taken out. Very small evil mind. Yet like throughout history, the worst are revered. None of them should be revered. Not Churchill, not Stalin, not Roosevelt nor Eisenhower.

Today we have the minions of the bankster elite controlling the USA military and CIA and look what they have done and still do around the world. When the banksters own "defense" companies, as they do in the usa and israel, war is very profitable. Until you take the profit out of war, we will have war. These banksters also own the oil companies.

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A large part of the very large oil consumption of the usa goes to the military to secure oil, to fight wars, to secure oil, When will it end? If people truly cared about their children, they would educate themselves about such things and prevent it so their children won't have to suffer as the young soldiers do today. Know thyself. Those who offend you may not be your enemy. Those who are nice to you may not be your friend. And most important, no govt is your friend, despite all the govt school indoctrination and limited info - agenda driven propaganda the news pounds into you continually.

Politicians are like diapers and need changing with regularity for the same reason. We can thank those who came before us and taught us things.

If they are prideful, we can realize that eventually these things would be discovered anyway. Often people from different part of the country or world come up with the same invention at nearly the same time or within 5 years. However, one must be very careful about what they are learning. Is it truly worthwhile and beneficial? Much of what is taught in schools these days other than math, is not.

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Is the technology leading to the weasels of the world being able to monitor everything you write, say, and do, worth the risk of what they want to do with that, which is to enslave you? Oh yes, it is to protect against terrorism! The police in the usa kill far more than the terrorists do. And of course they are trained by govt. So who is the real terrorist, the real enemy?

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  8. Thanks for making this great documentary. Until recently, the western civilizations have failed to recognize the contribution of ancient Harrapan culture and scientific innovations of India. Harrapans had sanitary system and metal work figured out years ago. We Indians are peace loving people and hence perished at the hands of military superior western invaders in last years. It is well said that the history is written by winners. Uncountable monuments and art work were destroyed to belittle the richness of Indian culture. India was a systematic and organized civilization for thousands of years till the British came.

    The caste system was created to segregate community according to occupation and it worked where the whole country lived in harmony. It is known that India was so advanced and developed that not one single Indian was suffering.

    Return of the Magi: A Documentary of Authentic Astrology () - IMDb

    As some would know, each caste has its own specialty in occupation. It was created by the king from the advise of Munivars Siddar , these are the wise advisers for the King. They are the ministers whom create and manage Education, Innovation and Medicine. The parliament was first created in India thousands of years ago which is used now in India. It was known that India was so rich that Columbus was looking for it as the land of Gold. Subsequently, the British have go invade India in order to be rich and famous now. Not only rich, they invaded the innovations and educational system.

    There are 4 Sangams Historical Literature that was recorded of the whole history and secrets of ancient India. After the invasion of British, Sangam 1 and 2 is no more available. And now UK is the most richest and a hub for Education. Many of us did not realize that many ancient system and teachings are still being practiced in India as daily life e. Tumeric is a part of food ingredient which is a medicine. Indians was using Cloves as a main ingredient thousands of years in Chicken Curry, which connects to recently spread Bird Flu and the medicine for this now discovered in USA are made of Cloves.

    Onion increases hair growth used in Indian dishes. Tomatoes are used too in Indian dishes which enhances healthy skin. Many more discoveries in many subjects are being used as a daily life routines in India. The British wanted to compress India and they complicated the whole system which is now a crashed just like a virus that crashes a computer. India will reign again as the intelligence are inthe genes.

    It evolutes to the new environment using the same power. I am happy as now the world is looking up to the creators of civilization. Its all about learning not compressing.

    Vedic astrology documentary

    Civilization rise and fall at its peak time. India and China had its days and fell. Now China has rose and will be followed by India.

    Introduction to Vedic Astrology - Astronomy & Astrology

    A simplest evidence, the longer the civilization, the more population the country will have. Hey you Marcus Oh you have mentioned that they gave railways etc.

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    8. But you didn't mentioned that they looted all the wealth from India and now today have kept the Kohinoor with them, what are you saying about that India would we like other African countries if British didn't invaded, for your well kind of information India's Economy before invasion was very excellent but British ruined everything.

      If ancient India was so advanced that they had nuclear weapons then why did they not know simple thing like writing?. I guess its time to cut the BS and accept the history like a rational human.